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AVS VIdeo Coverter Free download for windows 7A Small introduction Of AVS Video Series

AVS is a company name which has made two software on which we can perform the required task. These both are used to perform the multimedia task on the computer so, just use it, if you have something to do with your multimedia file. It can be very effective for your multimedia audio and video so, just enjoy it on the computer. Both the parts of AVS are released for the computer even I have not checked it on the mobile so, it may also available for the android mobile as well, but I’m not sure about that.

Now let’s move to the function of it, AVS video converter is used to convert the video files into another extension suppose, you have a file on your computer with .mkv extension as it’s the high demanded extension for the high print of the media file, but it even takes enough space so, you can spare the space by converting into another form which even shows the HD quality, but takes some less memory so, these are the tricks to perform the task without fearing of anything.

Samples Of AVS Video Converter + AVS Video Editor

AVS Video Editor free download for windows 7 32 bit


AVS Video Editor free download for windows 8.1 64-bit

AVS Video converter free download setup filehippo

AVS Video Converter Free Download For Windows 10 kickass torrent

AVS Video Updating History

There are two types of update history which we have already described in all the previous article so, we gonna provide it here as well so, just sees that.

First list is containing the updating on the yearly basis which takes at least one year to come the next update and there are many examples of it even we have provided many software which works with the same strategy so, just move to second category.

The Second category of update consists the updating on monthly basics and the next update comes after couple of month so, it normally comes in beta version because the publisher releases it on monthly basics so, it produces beta version of a version. BlueStacks is even included to second category.

Now the story is that AVS Video converter and avS video editor belongs to second category almost, I used the word of almost because the publisher releases the next update after couples of months as it’s a new software so, it don’t have enough reputation in the market, but the last update was made around 4 months ago and there is no sequence of releasing the update for the both products.

Advantages/Disadvantages Of AVS Video Converter + Editor

The followed list or section is including the advantages + disadvantages of it and we would like to describe it in the sequence as the first advantages section will appear, then it would be the disadvantages section for the both programs.

  • AVS Video Converter can be used to convert the video file into another video extension file
  • AVS Video converter can be used to convert the video file into audio file
  • AVS Video converter can be used to covert the audio file into another audio file form
  • AVS video converter can be used to convert the IMG file to GIF file
  • AVS Editor can be used to add the awesome effects in the video
  • AVS editor can be used to add the designs in the edited video
  • AVS Video editor can be used to add the sub-title in the video

Disadvantages of the AVS Video editor is given below

  • AVS Video editor can reduce the graphics of the video after editing
  • All the editing can be destroyed, if you does not save it properly on editor
  • AVS Video converter can’t focus at the specific during recording
  • AVS video converter can’t read the voice of machine sound
  • AVS video converter can’t detect the sound properly

Installation Step Of AVS Video Professioanl

The article is included the both programs so, the installation procedure is same for both.

  •  Open the downloaded file first with Winrar
  • As the fixed extension of rar runs with Winrar
  • Just make the extraction with Winrar and complete the extraction
  • Open the setup and runs it
  • Give the required data so, just fill up and just continues it
  • The setup installs completely so, just runs it

The above method is used for the installation of it.

Expected Improvements To Be Added?

AVS Video Converter

The improvements should be made in the speed of the converting of the video file because the audio file does not take enough time to get convert so, the programmer should work on this weak point even I have tested it, it gives the good result so, for the better performance, it just required to increase the speed of converting.

AVS Video Editor 

The improvements should be made in the stylish graphics of the program and the programmer should creates the video effects which are considered the something new so, the users will get attract to the software, then they go to download it for their use because there are many other editor for the use on the windows operating system so, the publisher should work on this to make it more common in market.


Updated: June 6, 2018 — 3:08 pm

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