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BlueStacks Free Downlaoad

BlueStacks Free Download Full VersionA small introduction Of BlueStacks

The software named with BlueStucks is used play the role of the android mobile operating systems. It’s the software which works on the Windows operating systems and it works on windows 10 and the old products of Microsoft, but it’s the best choice for the latest version. When the program is opened, then all the android functions appears there with lots of fun.

BlueStacks is the most popular software which works like an android phone on the PC so, it’s the new thing to experience for the users who never had the experience with such kinds of the software, but we are damn aware about of it so, we gonna provide it because it’s the demanding article even when I tried to run an application on my computer, then I thought that many of the users need the same thing so, I decided to provide it.

Samples Of BlueStacks App Player

Bluestacks free download for windows 7 32-bit

BlueStacks free download for windows 8 64-bit

BlueStacks free download offline installer for windows 10

Bluestacks online installer free download for windows xp setup filehippo

BlueStacks Updating History

The updates story belongs to two of its parts and it gonna be define below so, follow the section to get it know.

First type of update consists of all the software which release after a long period of the previous release because when if an update came in 2017 so, the next update will come after 1 years so, it releases in 2018 so, it is the journey and does not stop because people desire to try something new which are missing in the old versions so, they just make effort to make it more effective.

Second type of update consists of all the software which release with short time of gape. It releases the update after 1 month maximum even sometimes, the publisher of such kinds of software releases the update 2 times in one month so, it even works well because it the new release comes every month, then the addicted users have to download it again then again so, they remain connect with the community of the software publisher. It comes in beta version normally and when the period of one year completed, then they change the version instead of making change in beta, then beta turns to 1.0, then the circle starts again and reaches at the next year.

So, the question is that which category belongs to BlueStacks, we have checked the complete performance + info of the program so, we knew that the publisher releases the update after month even makes two updates in the single month and it’s not the routine, but sometime, it happens. Now comes to the question that it belongs to the second type of category.

The currently running update is Bluestacks App player which released around 1 month ago while the first releases was came in 10 months ago of the Bluestacks App player while the first release of the official BlueStacks came in 2011 which is even not very old because we have seen many platforms which were released in 19s so, it’s a bit old. ETABS is also provided on this blog.

Advantages/Disadvantages Of BlueStacks

We come to main part now because the advantages are also called the features of the programs even some disadvantages have been also pointed out so, just check them so, let us know whatever are they really valid or you disagree them.

  •  It can be used to run Play Apps on PC
  • it can be used to run Facebook Messenger On PC
  • It can be used to replace the PC location to Mobile location which is the best thing
  • It can be used to use the Free VPN
  • It can be use to use all the mobile functions
  • It can be used to play android games on PC
  • It can be used to install the mobile applications on PC
  • It can be used to Install specific software on PC

There are the some games and software which are just released for the android operating system and does not work on windows operating system so, this software is used to run them on the computer so, just uses it who are worried about it.

The disadvantages are also pointed out so, just read the follow disadvantages of the BlueStacks.

  • It slows down with the increase of installing apps
  • It normally works slow as compared to original Android mobile
  • It can’t be used to attend the phone calls
  • It can’t be used to send or receive messages
  • It run on the actual IP so, IP tracing is easy

Installation Steps Of BlueStacks Play Bigger Emulator

  • First of all, open the stored file of Bluestacks which is provided
  • Now the needed software is Winrar which read the extension of the file
  •  Winrar normally uses to read the extension of .rar or .zip file
  • Just start the extraction of the file, then completes it
  • Now the scene came to setup file, then start the setup
  • First the terms and conditions are given so, you need to “next” as accepts the terms
  • Now the story comes to installing program directory
  • The default directory is C:/ Program Files so, just selects it (Recommended)
  • It provides the option to select any other directory wherever you want
  • Now just click on “next” option so, the process completes of the selection of the directory
  • Now it comes to next term which is not remember now which you need to “finish”
  • The setup can take up to few minutes as it requires to install the needed applications
  • When all the applications are installed properly, then it asks to login google account
  • Just enter your google account if you have otherwise, just creates an account
  •  Complete the required actions so, just runs it

The above provided steps are used to make the BlueStacks run-able.

BlueStacks Android Emulator Expected Improvements To Be Added?

I had the good experience with this software, but I realized that few changes can be still made so, it would become more popular so, if the publisher of the program works on those things, then it would be great, I gonna provide those expected improvements which I consider to be made even it’s not officially announced so, just take them easy.

The speed of the BlueStacks is slow as compared to the original android mobile and I know that there is the damn difference in actual part and emulator play, but they should perform some work on this thing because it’s the weak point of them because I have checked it in 2 weeks and this is the which I thought to be better in upcoming updates. i know that they will work on this even maybe they work because we are just making the guess because they are the publisher so, they know that which changes should be made, then in result, it increases the reputation of the program.


Updated: June 6, 2018 — 12:32 pm

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