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CCleaner Free Download

CCleaner free download full versionA Small Introduction Of CCleaner

CCleaner is a free cleaning stuff that is used to clean up the computer. It saves the bad things from your computer. There are many types of disease of the computer. Affected files harm the computer so, it’s required to remove the affected files from your computer even it protects the computer from the next coming bad files. It is like the brush that is used to clean up the space.

We normally have the brush in our houses to make remain it clean so, it does perform the same task. It can be used with the latest technology of the program. The programmers have been made it with the full of their effort. The office is even build in US to make it more popular and faster. It runs damn faster, but still can increase the speed.

Samples Of CCleaner Professional

CCleaner Free Download full version for windows 7

CClenaer free download for windows 10 64-bit

Piriform CCleaner free download for windows 8.1

CCleaner setup free download final and latest version

CCleaner Updating History

CCleaner is the optimizer of the computer. It requires few attention so, it will gain the complete attention there. It consists of two list of the updating. Both are different in terms and having the different properties so, just gonna describe that.

First list consists of those software which releases by a big gape of the time by the publisher. The publisher make the possible changes in the version and the succeed thing does not applied at that time, the publisher saves the codding, then turns to the second thing which is required to be added so, it takes too much time, but the users get the fruit of their patience at the end.

Second type consists of those software which release comes after a short gape of the time means that once, CCleaner update came this month already so, the developer will start work to make better performance of the current system. The first release was came in Sep, 2003 so, it completes its 15 years duration, but did not flop at any time because they provide the quality and the quality is always preferred by the user so, it goes to the top level and still going on.

CCleaner Journey Starts from the CCleaner 1.16.082 and goes on. The first release was came 12 years ago, it was not popular as much as it gets the reputation by now so, everything requires a duration to come as a brand so, it happens the same here so, now let’s move to the latest update of CCleaner. Defraggler even belongs to second type of update.

The latest release came around 12 days ago which is known as CCleaner 5.43.6522. It’s containing more than 180 updates till yet. The publisher has build the office to have a proper work on it. When it officially releases the next update, then all the news sites headline it so, the popularity of the software even increases by that way.

Advantages/Disadvantages Of CCleaner

The advantages list very large so, it gonna be written firstĀ 

  • It can be used to clean up your drive from the bad sector
  • It can be used to clean up your computer from temp files
  • It can be used to remove the caches from your computer
  • It can be used to clean up the browser even clean the caches
  • It can be used to protect the computer by effecting of the harmful information
  • It can be used to make clean the Quick access
  • It can be used to clean all the list of the programs running currently on your PC
  • It can be used to remove the useless data of the Browsing
  • It can be used to remove the useless data of the Multimedia
  • It can be used to remove the useless data of the utility files
  • It can be used to remove the history of the Windows Explorer
  • It can be used to remove the history of the Browser
  • It can be used to remove the history of the specific browser

The disadvantages is containing few numbers of it so, it’s given below

When the browser is cleaning up, then it remove all the bookmark sites and downloaded files history as well which can put you in tension because if the bookmark sites have got deleted from the top menu, then you have to type the site name first so, there would be no shortcut of the site so, it does matter and considers as a big problems of the CCleaner.

I would like to suggest to un-mark all the things which are important and should must have at the front of your eyes. so, just take care of few things before that.

When you clean up the quick access, then it removes all the most opened or played files that are saved as a shortcut so, you have to open the drive and then folder, but Quick access provides the shortcut to get access to the most used files + folders so, if you want to save the most used files, then just remove the quick access mark from the CCleaner.

the third problem is cause when the multimedia player saves the most played audio or videos files so, it saves the data so, shows again for the later use. When the CCleaner runs, then it can be removed all the history of the most played of the media files. you should choose it, if you want to make it clean, but it’s compulsory to have so, just remove the option of the multimedia player from the CCleaner and trash all the useless data of the computer

Installation Steps Of Piriform CCleaner Plus

  • First open the downloaded file with Winrar
  • The Winrar normally uses to extracf the RAR file
  • When the extraction gets complete, then the menu turns to the setup
  • Open the setup file, then select a permanent place to store the program on your windows
  • The default directory is set for not selected directory
  • It normally installs in C:/ Program Files directory
  • The shortcut appears on the desktop as well
  • Just install it on the default directory
  • The setup goes complete, then “Finish” it

The installation process went complete by the following steps

The story comes to the registry of CCleaner so, it needs the product key or the serial key even an application can also be used for the registry of the CCleaner, but it counts as illegal because it’s not the way to provide it.

  • After Completing the setup file now just copy the product key from the given site
  • We would like to recommend to buy the key from the Official Piriform site
  • It would be the best choice so, just go for it
  • After pasting the serial key, it gets register
  • The complete customization goes complete
  • It can be now very worth full for your computer

CCleaner Expected Improvements To Be Added?

This point out the main question in our mind and it appears in my mind because the publisher has already made it most successful software to control + managing the data + performance of the computer so, it’s most required software, but it can still improve the working of the program because it can even more speed up the performance of the software.

It can be used to use as a antivirus as well which is not allow to enter harmful data in the computer, I know the working and the job of the antivirus is very enough as compared to it even they both are different types of programs, but somehow, they have the similarity as well which I’m trying to discover + discuss.


Updated: June 5, 2018 — 1:22 pm

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