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Defraggler Free Download Full VersionA Small Introduction Of Defraggler

Defraggler is a free cleaner for the computer even it also needs to pay the money for the registry, but the trail version is available, but does not last more than 1 month. This is the maximum trail days so, if the software exceeds the trail version, then it becomes useless as like the car without the patrol. It’s compulsory to register it after 30 days otherwise, it will get block at your end. There is one more way to open it again that is to install the windows again so, this option is the most useless option to follow.

Defraggler is madeĀ  by the same publisher which developer the CClenaer so, the purpose of the both software is same. There are some major changes while implementing the scanning of the computer so, we will point out the main stuff of the defraggler here because when the blog stuff will provide the CCleaner, then they would like to give the information about that so, the story of introduction ends here.

Samples Of Defraggler Professional

Defraggler free download for windows 7 32-bit

Defraggler Free download for windows 10 64-bit

Defraggler free download for windows 8.1 64-bit

Defraggler free download setup filehippo latest

Defraggler Updating History

There are the two types of updating maker so, we will discuss the both types and will name one which belongs to the defraggler.

First update type is containing the release that comes after a long time means that the publisher may required to have at least 1 year to make the changes in the current update and made it available with the new update so, this option is used in many software even all the software provided by this blog consists of this type of updating type. Microsoft office 2016 is provided on this website which belongs to first update.

Now the scene came from the second updating type in which the release comes after 1 month or even maybe less than one month. It can be in beta version suppose, Defraggler 1.00.031 beta that was the first release of the defraggler journey, then the publisher made enough changes and provided at least 70+ updates so, the latest is defraggler 2.22.995.

It continuous provide the new release so, the new updates will even come after the current one. Defraggler belongs to the second type of update because its new update came after 1-2 months maximum so, hopefully we have described the history of the defraggler. The initial update was announced in August, 2009 so, the journey is going on for last 10 years because we are just about to touch 2019 so, it gonna complete 10 years for the defraggler.

Advantages/Disadvantages Of Defraggler

There are few disadvantages with including bundle of advantages so, this is the main section because it describes the use of the software completely.

The first advantage of the software is that it does clean up your extra data because when you install any program on your computer so, some useless data stores in specific temp folder so, the manual finding is not easy, then we install it so, it detects all the useless files and deletes it by now.

It automatically scan all the drives of the hard disk even you can scan the specific drive by your choosing option. It even reads the bad sector of your computer and deleted it.

The disadvantage is that when your computer is containing important + useless files at the same place, then the bad files can effect the important files so, there are chances that it can be deleted the important files of your computer that the user may never wanted to lose so, this is even the disadvantage of the software, but it does not normally occurs because you make the place for the important files, but it’s even happened so, just be careful.

Installation Steps Of Defraggler Plus

  • Open the Download file with Winrar
  • Normally the setup archives in rar or zip files so, we use .rar file
  • Completes the extraction of the file, then just go for the folder
  • Open the setup file so, the setup began to install
  • It asks for selecting the drive + directory to store it
  • Just give it from your input device
  • It even detects the default program installing place
  • It saves the program in C:/ Program files as a default directory
  • Just completes the setup and runs it

Installation steps do complete with the followed method

Defraggler Expected Improvements To Be Added?

As we have told that the publisher has made more than 70 updates in the journey, but few improvements are still to be added. It remains beta version for a reason because the software developer consists of high-brand programmers who always try to do something for the project on which they are working so, it recaps the same scene here. its defragmenting speed can be fast in future.

It just provides the stuff for the cleaning of the hard drive, but it’s expected that the publisher may introduce the update that is used to make the cleaning of the program that we run on our windows. Suppose, we use the google chrome, then we access many sites there even download some data, then some of the cache stores in the browser which takes enough part of your computer drive. Defraggler was developed by Piriform.


Updated: June 5, 2018 — 10:27 am

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